Maître BRUN joined the Firm in January 2018 as an Associate. She has been awarded a Master’s Degree in Public and Private International Law by the University of Ottowa in Canada, and in International & European Environmental Law by the Faculty of Aix-en-Provence.

During her training, Maître BRUN has written numerous reports on Comparative International Law, notably in the fields of Family Law, Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law and Environmental Law; as well as for the University of Ottawa Research Fund for the branch of the CNRS located at the Faculty of Aix-en-Provence.

Her final year internship was as a lawyer for a leading company in the field of management systems, based in their department of Health & Safety at Work and in the Environment at the Science & Technology park of Sophia-Antipolis.
During her professional training, Maître BRUN developed her approach to litigation by including the Administrative Court of Marseille as an aid to decision making.
Upon her arrival at the Bar of Aix-en-Provence she joined the circle of criminal defence lawyers. She can place her skill in criminal jurisdictions at the disposal of this Firm’s clients.

Maître BRUN assists Maître TAMBURINI-KENDER in her practice of Family and Inheritance Law ensuring that clients receive an effective and personalised handling of their case, as well as guaranteeing an exceptional quality of service from all of the legal and judicial specialists with whom the Firm may be called upon to collaborate.

Having lived in Quebec and Ontario, Maître BRUN is Franco-Canadian. Coming from a background of health care, psychology and social work, her approach to family cases, both national and international, is particularly sensitive. Her knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon and North-American worlds complements the expertise of Maître TAMBURINI-KENDER.

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