About us

« Act on instinct and plan as a strategist » – René Char

We advise clients on their legal needs both at home and abroad.

We provide you with information, advice and support.

We are your representative and your advocate before the Court.

We can guide you through a negotiation process with a view to respecting the concerns, the best interests, and future needs of all parties.

Your lawyer is a mediator and legally accountable redactor of judicial documents, such as a Family Pact for a couple formalising a separation and having to wait for judicial approval from the Family Court, or in the event of the new “no judge” divorce where the lawyer is charged with drawing up the Consent Order to be notarized by a public notary.

In order to carry out these tasks, we uphold the values of trust, attention, availability and transparency, which are the foundations of an effective and responsive intervention in keeping with the essential needs of the client and the legal and procedural imperatives.

STK Solicitors

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