We provide our clients with support through all stages of family life and with their inheritance issues.

We are committed to enable our clients to foresee a peaceful future, and to help them rebuild that future after crises.

Each case is treated as a whole, taking into account all legal, inheritance and fiscal components, as well as the psychological and emotional dimensions.

In order to guarantee a high quality service, we work regularly in partnership with other legal professionals such as notaries public or chartered accountants.

The couple

  • Marriage: contracts, choice of or change of matrimonial property regime
  • Divorce: divorce by mutual consent or contentious divorce
  • Separation
  • Civil Partnership
  • Exiting joint possession and liquidation of matrimonial property regimes
  • Financial consequences of divorce or separation: exiting the family home, maintenance payments under duty of support, compensatory allowance
  • Emergency procedures and other legal measures in the case of domestic violence

The children

We deal with all matters concerning children’s rights.

Depending on the case, we can intervene in the Family Court, Juvenile Court or the Criminal Court.

  • Exercise of parental responsibility on children born within or without marriage: planning children’s life beyond the separation
  • Habitual residence of the child and contacts
  • Child support
  • Filiation, adoption
  • Abduction, failure to hand over a child or to pay child support
  • Educational assistance and protective measures
  • Review of arrangements and Orders for parental responsibility and child support

Family property

  • Wealth planning
  • Succession planning
  • Successoral regime of joint ownership
  • Amicable partition, judicious partition, trusts with other legal professionals such as notaries public or chartered accountants.


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